November 5, 2012


Whetstone Academy

P.O.Box 87

Mountain Rest, SC 29664


Dear Headmaster,

I want you to know about the delightful experience I had with eight of your students and two staff members on Saturday, November 3, 2012. On that occasion I was the hike leader for a scheduled hike of Nantahala Hiking Club, an organization responsible for maintaining 70 miles of The Appalachian Trail in southern North Carolina but also conducts recreational hikes for interested citizens. A member of your staff saw our website and made a reservation for your students to participate in that hike to the Amethyst Mines. Prior to your students involvement seven adults had reserved space for the hike.

Your students totally impressed all the adults and were delighted that they participated!!!

While I did not interact with every young man in your group on an individual basis, I did have that opportunity with several. Generally, they were all intelligent, polite, well behaved, and when I lectured about nature, they paid close attention.  There were zero unpleasant incidences and the kids added huge enthusiasm to the entire experience.

I THANK YOU and YOUR STAFF for your efforts on behalf of these young men, their families, and our country!!!  May GOD BLESS YOU ALL!!!

Most sincerely,

Jim Whitehurst